BTCC Star Tries Hillclimbing

There was some strange after-hours action going on at the track on the Saturday of the recent British Hillclimb Championship event at Gurston Down in Wiltshire.

Andrew Jordan BTCC

Andrew Jordan had fun at Gurston Down


As part of an effort by Go! Motorsport to promote the sport of Speed Hillclimbing, a celebrity guest driver was called in to test drive a selection of hillclimb cars for a feature which is in today’s edition of Motorsport News.

The guest driver in question was British Touring Car Championship star Andrew Jordan, a man who has also participated in the British Rallycross Championship and has sampled leading cars from the British Rally Championship as well as his circuit racing exploits.

We understand that registered competitors were asked over the winter whether they would be prepared to make their cars available during this season and a few trusting individuals put their hands up! Andrew drove Mike Manning’s monster 4×4 Ford Puma Turbo, Simon Fidoe’s 1100cc Empire-Suzuki 002 and the OMS-Hayabusa 25 of James Blackmore.

Andrew Jordan BTCC

Andrew Jordan settles into the OMS’ office space!


The Puma was the first car on the schedule, and was the most familiar to Andrew due to its Rallycross origins (Andrew drove Will Gollop’s Ford Focus Supercar alongside Mike and the Puma in the 2007 British Rallycross Championship) and due to its roof!

After a couple of familiarisation runs Andrew started to gain confidence in the big beasty and started to push a little on the straights.

Andrew Jordan BTCC

“Just keep pulling the lever, you won’t run out of grunt!” Manning briefs Jordan.



Following the Puma, Andrew moved on to the Empire-Suzuki, which was the first single-seater he had ever driven. Again starting cautiously, he quickly got used to the bike gearbox and being able to see the wheels and started to enjoy himself.

Andrew Jordan BTCC

Andrew Jordan returns from his first ever single-seater drive in the Empire-Suzuki.



The third of the cars was potentially the fastest of the trio, and the 1600cc OMS didn’t disappoint. Andrew’s comment as he returned the busa-powered, carbon-tubbed car to the paddock was “That’s really fast!”.

Andrew Jordan BTCC

Illustrious go-fors! BHC Champ Trevor Willis and BHC Co-ordinator Tim Wilson do the pushing.



Whilst still sitting in the car and debriefing with reigning British Hillclimb Champion Trevor Willis, Andrew added “I’ve never driven a single-seater before, or even been to a hillclimb venue before today. These guys have balls!”.

Andrew did a great job with the cars, and was very safe and respectful with them. We look forward to seeing the article when it hits the news stalls this morning.

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