2013 in Pictures – Drivers at Rest!

Our 2013 in Pictures series continues today with a look at some of the drivers who make the hillclimb paddock such an entertaining place to be.

A weekends hillclimbing can be tough with the combination of early starts, hard graft, intense concentration, and occasionally a few cheeky beers on the Saturday night. This can take it out on the less hardy members of the paddock…. Whilst others find new and innovative ways to stay alert and on the money!


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2013 in Pictures – Paddock Celebrities

We continue of photographic tour of the British Hillclimb Championship paddock today, with the next installment of our popular 2013 in Pictures feature.


Today we will have a look at some of the paddock celebrities who between them make the Speed Hillclimb world a better place to be and help to kill the hours of waiting around between runs!

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2013 in Pictures – New Cars

Amongst the most popular posts we have run on this website, especially during the Christmas holiday period, are the ‘Year in Pictures’ posts covering all manner of silly activity in the hillclimb paddocks across the UK.

This year is no exception as, over the next couple of days we will have a look back through the jpeg files and drag out some of our favourites and some which we have been saving for just this moment!!

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BHC Season Review Part 12 – Scott Moran

Our twelve part series looking at the top contenders in the British Hillclimb Championship comes to an end today as we move to have a look at the experiences of the man who became a four-time Champion in 2013.

Scott Moran Gould GR61X

Scott Moran on his way to another Run Off win at Gurston Down (thanks to everleyphotography.co.uk)


Scott Moran set a pace in the early part of the Championship which nobody else could match and it always seemed likely that he would claim his fourth title, although 2012 Champ Trevor Willis had other ideas and pushed Scott hard through till the end of the year.

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BHC Season Review Part 11 – Trevor Willis

As we approach the end of our 2013 British Hillclimb Championship Season Review we move on to look at the real heavy-hitters in the series, and the two drivers who have dominated top-line hillclimbing since 2010.

Trevor Willis OMS 28

Trevor proudly wore the ‘Number 1′ on his OMS-RPE 28  for 2013.


Runner-up in this years Championship was the man who really hit some mighty highs in 2012. He had a new car to shake down at Prescott back in April, but as always Trevor Willis was up to speed incredibly rapidly and was soon fully in the groove with his Powertec/RPE V8 powered OMS.

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BHC Season Review Part 10 – Wallace Menzies

Today we continue with our driver-by-driver look back over the 2013 British Hillclimb Championship year as we move in to the overall top three of the series.

Wallace Menzies DJ Firestorm

Wallace prepares to unleash the ferocious Firestorm at Gurston in May


Third overall in the title race was the top-scoring Scottish driver during 2013, DJ Firestorm-Cosworth driver Wallace Menzies had his best BHC season to date…

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