Chateau Impney Momentum Building

We reported a few weeks ago about the increasing momentum which is building behind restoring the hillclimb course at the Chateau Impney hotel in Worcestershire.

David Newman HWM-Jaguar

HWM-Jaguar was an FTD winner at the Chateau


It now appears as though this is building more and more, with the BBC now showing some interest in the venue.

A feature has appeared on the BBCs Midlands Today show, which includes an interview with 1961 British Hillclimb Champion David Good, who won the inaugural event at the Chateau in 1957.

We understand that a launch event is taking place this weekend at the venue, including a dinner on Saturday night, although unfortunately we haven’t had our invite as yet!!


  1. Eddie says:

    You won’t get an invitation for Saturday. It was on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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