Chris Evans’ CarFest – what do the hillclimbers think?

So, tomorrow (Friday 30th March 2012) Chris Evans is going to launch his Children in Need fund-raising festival – Car-Fest (the website’s not open yet, but you can see the holding page here:

For a few reasons we here at think it’s a great idea:

  • Raising money for charity
  • Supporting motorsport
  • Getting people talking about fast and classic cars

And if it wasn’t for the Gurston Down National Round being the same weekend we’d be queuing up for tickets.

It’s also (surely?!) a great opportunity to promote the serious sport of hillclimbing – the chances are most of the people going to the event won’t have ever been to a hillclimb before, and might not have even heard of Shelsley Walsh! (A scary thought, but there are people out there who haven’t).

So, it’s an event with (at least) it’s heart in the right place and that could be a great opportunity to increase the ranks of competing hillclimbers… but

(and there’s always a but)

Is it really a hillclimb? I know there are strong feelings out there on this subject – we ourselves have courted controversy by giving the 2011 event of the year award to Prescott’s Bike Festival (because it wasn’t a true hillclimb).

So, what do you think? Comments below please! (we’ll be manning this site this evening and tomorrow so comments should go live pretty fast).


  1. Dave Warby says:

    I think the idea is good, but I don’t see what we are supposed to be doing about it, competing there?, showcasing our cars?

  2. Off@Turn1 says:

    What exactly will be happening at Car Fest? Is it using an established hill/sprint?

  3. Chloe says:

    Just realised i should add some details about the event!
    Aug bank hol weekend, 2 days – 1 night. Family focused, great food, great cars. At Laverstock Park. Seems it’s more like Goodwood Festival of Speed than a Competition Hillclimb…

    • Dave Warby says:

      Well, if we were able to compete I think a lot of people would be up for it, seen as we’re not allowed at goodwood but it is on a gurston weekend.

  4. Eddie Walder says:

    Its a charity event linked to a smug profligate high-spending celeb. I dont want to hear him lecture me about being charitable again. Lets be talking about national motorsport week instead

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