Class B Party!

One of the most sociable classes in any Hillclimb Championship across the British Isles has to be Class B within the Midland Hillclimb.

Midland Hillclimb Championship


The category is characterised by incredibly close competition amongst the mostly LoCaterField mounted drivers and an impressive level of fun and banter.

Sunday’s joint BHC/MHC finale at Loton Park brought the curtain down on another season of fun & games for the boys & girls and they celebrated with the now traditional paddock garden.

Each class contender, plus a few honoury members, contributed a little something (including a very impressive swiss roll from class jester Dave ‘British Bake Off’ Wilson) so cakes, nibbles and some fizzy stuff were enjoyed by all!

It is fantastic to see such camaraderie in evidence within individual classes, and thanks for the glass of plonk!

And just to prove that the class runners weren’t solely concentrating on the bash, here are some of their runs from Saturday afternoon…














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