Composite Chassis Completed

We have received an email from new Empire Racing Cars customer Clive Austin letting us know that he has been to collect his and co-driver Chris Aspinall’s new 1100cc beasty.

Empire Racing Car


Clive has kindly send us some more images from his latest visit to see the progress on the latest Midland Hillclimb Championship contender.

The tub has been completed at carbon fibre specialists Panther Composites, the company responsible for many carbon-tubbed hillclimb cars over the years.

Empire Racing Car


The pace that this project and car build is moving along at is really impressive.

Empire Racing Cars


Clive even had time for a cheeky seat-fitting, and seems to like his new office!

Empire Racing Car


Thanks so much to Clive, Chris, Bill and all of the guys involved in this project for allowing these images to be made public. It is fantastic to see the way that the car is put together, and to have an insight into the specialist companys who make these projects possible.

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