Craigantlet Round-up

The Northern Irish leg of the British Hillclimb Championship saw a couple of rain affected Top 12 Run Offs and a very popular double winner. Roger Moran proved that there’s life in the old dog yet again with his 2nd double victory of the year. He did slightly luck into this one though…

In both shoot-outs rain started to fall just as the last 2 runners (and fastest qualifiers) rolled upto the starline. Championship leader Scott Moran was affected by this twice, whereas Trevor Willis and Wallace Menzies got caught once each.

At the other end of the Top 12, it was great to see Nicola Menzies get into both Run Offs and pick up a point 1st time up. We thought that Nicola may have squeezed into the Run Off on Guernsey a few weeks ago (she narrowly missed out), but no doubt the point this time will make up for it.
The Run Off results were as follows:

1/ Roger Moran – 40.39s
2/ Trevor Willis – 40.43s
3/ Wallace Menzies – 40.80s
4/ Tom New – 41.24s
5/ Scott Moran – 41.85s
6/ Chris Merrick – 42.14s
7/ Lee Adams – 42.92s
8/ Will Hall – 43.02s
9/ Richard Spedding – 44.50s
10/ Nicola Menzies – 49.00s
11/ Peter Herbert – 68.94s
12/ Seamus Morris – NTR

1/ Roger Moran – 40.00s
2/ Wallace Menzies – 40.45s
3/ Scott Moran – 40.54s
4/ Trevor Willis – 41.02s
5/ Tom New – 41.92s
6/ Chris Merrick – TBC
7/ Will Hall – 42.31s
8/ Lee Adams – 42.72s
9/ Richard Spedding – 44.26s
10/ David Uren – 47.29s
11/ Nicola Menzies – 48.63s
12/ Peter Herbert – 50.89s

Also, we have had another update from our ‘informed local’ Tony Gregory:

All that i can add from Saturday is that the UAC had an entry of over 80+ competitors, which has been the best entry for many a year. This was probably boosted by the fact that the last 2 rounds of the NI hillclimb championship were cancelled due to the lack of entries.
There were a larger amount of spectators than normal and given that access to the hill is very limited this was quite surprising, generally only people from within the sport would know of the event and turn up to watch, perhaps the raised profile of the event in the local paper media and various web outlets following the theme of Lee Adams competing.
All in all the day ran very smoothly with no incident of note on the hill and ran to time. Praise should be given to the club due to the big entry and as the event has suffered in the past, Mainly due to lack of organisation and incidents.

Thanks again for the info Tony, you’ve been a great help this weekend.

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