Cramer at Craigantlet

A very well-known multiple British title-winning hillclimber visited the Team Haimes paddock spot at Craigantlet and was very keen to have a good look at the GR59.

Chris Cramer Gould GR59

Gould’s first champion with Gould’s latest car in the Craigantlet paddock


Having had huge success through the late 1970s in March and Toleman chassis, German architect Chris Cramer finally claimed his first title in 1980 with a Hart-powered March 782. Having sold the March on to current-day Pilbeam driver Billy Morris, Cramer joined forces with David Gould for 1985 and the duo installed Cramer’s Hart engine into the previously BDA-powered Gould 84 chassis.

The rest is history as Cramer stormed to the 1985 title in the beautiful, full ground effect, aluminium honeycombe chassis which was famously built in the domestic single garage next to the Gould family home in Newbury.

Chris Cramer Gould 84

Chris Cramer rounds Lafone Hairpin with the Hart-powered Gould 84 (thanks to Steve Wilkinson).


Chris was very keen to cast an eye over the latest car to emerge from his old team-mates Newbury workshop and had some fascinating advice on how to get the best from it. He also had some amazing tales of tyre testing and development in the earlier days of crossply slicks.

He has been retired from driving for many years now, although an appearance at Run Off pace at Shelsley in 1997 with the then Painter/Fraser-owned Gould GR37 showed that the speed was still there. Chris has been supporting 1995 BHC winner Andy Priaulx in his circuit racing forays as driver coach in recent years.

It was great to meet you Chris, lets hope we see you back in a car again someday!

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