Dallara Return

There will be a ‘new’ Dallara F3 chassis appearing in the 2-litre class at the UK Mainland hills during the 2013 season.

Colin Le Maitre

Colin Le Maitre at Le Val des Terres in 2007 (thanks to Our Correspondent)


In 2007 Guernsey driver Colin Le Maitre campaigned a modified Dallara F399 with TOMS Toyota power at Channel Island and Continental hillclimbs.

At the end of the 2007 season, the engine was removed and the chassis was sold to South West hillclimber Tony Wiltshire.

Wilt intended to install his Peugeot Mi16 BTCC engine in the car and redevelop the cars aero. Unfortunately a house move and other distractions took the momentum out of the project and the car stood dormant for a few years.

Dallara F399

The last time we saw this chassis it was being used as a coat-stand in Wilt’s garage!


Wiltshire-based Mark Walker (who ran the ex. Jon Waggitt Quest-Vauxhall previously) has bought the car and Tom New is installing Walker’s own Vauxhall XE in the ex. Ray Rowan Racing chassis at his New Techniques base.

It will be great to see this car being used again!

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