Damp Doune

We were way up on the edge of the Trossachs last weekend as the British Hillclimb Championship made it’s 2nd and final visit of the year to the mighty Doune Hillclimb in Scotland.

The traditional Scottish weather tried its best to dampen everyones spirits, but Doune is always such fun that it will take more than a never-ending series of downpours to take the edge off!

As expected, the locals were seriously difficult to beat. Lee Adams took 19 points from the championship Run Offs and Wallace Menzies took 17 points as both enhanced their bids for 2nd and 5th in the championship respectively.

The main interest of the weekend stemmed around the ongoing battle for 2nd. Roger Moran is currently 2nd and is desperate to score a family 1-2 in the series. However, Roger’s consistancy could well be his undoing as he has a huge number of points to drop. Menzies challenge is building but he too is now in the dropped score zone and will be leaving 6 points behind if he scores well in both Run Offs at Loton. Trevor Willis has it all to do at the final round if he is to maintain his 3rd place overall.

Willis had a terrible weekend at Doune. He had a 14 hour journey to Scotland after his tow car broke down en route (fixed by Keith Edwards & Roger Moran in the paddock). Once at the event, and with memories of his duo of accidents at the June event, Trevor planned to take things steady. He seemed to forget about that in the 1st Run Off as he managed to get onto the grass BEFORE turn 1! He calmed things in the 2nd Run Off and left with a handy 5 points.

Whilst looking at the Championship table, it is worth mentioning Richard Spedding’s performance over the weekend. Spedding was trailing Eynon Price for 10th in the series going into Doune but a pair of 8th place finishes mean he is now tied with Price and only 5 points behind 9th placed John Bradburn. There will be a battle royal at Loton Park to see who gets the ‘numbers’ for 2012.

Richard Spedding at Doune


Run Off 1 – Result

Lee Adams – 38.00s

Wallace Menzies – 38.54s

Roger Moran – 39.01s

Tom New – 39.33s

Scott Moran – 39.42s

Will Hall – 40.55s

Alastair Crawford – 41.01s

Richard Spedding – 41.58s

Finlay Whyte – 41.83s

Tim Wilson – 41.99s

Trevor Willis – 42.22s

Steve Owen – 43.05s


Run Off 2 – Result

Scott Moran – 37.09s

Lee Adams – 37.42s

Wallace Menzies – 38.21s

Roger Moran – 38.43s

Tom New – 38.66s

Trevor Willis – 39.52s

Will Hall – 40.09s

Richard Spedding – 40.49s

Stewart Robb – 40.54s

Tim Wilson – 41.58s

Stewart R Robb – 44.42s

Finlay Whyte – 63.09s


Miss Admin has fully updated the Championship table (subject to official confirmation by Speed Championships Ltd) and this can be viewed on the Results Pages.

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