Darren’s Difficult Decision

In this weeks edition of Motorsport News, Our Correspondent reports that Channel Islands star of the season so far Darren Warwick may be on the verge of giving up the sport.

Darren Warwick Dallara F301

Darren Warwick has dominated results in the Channel Islands since 2010.


Darren, who competes with his ex. Paul Haimes Leaders, Championship winning Dallara-Vauxhall F301, has dominated events on his home hill of Guernsey this year carving chunks off of his PB every time the weather has allowed. Also, he has scored successes on the rival island of Jersey and on his visits to Continental Europe.

Unfortunately though, it appears as though the cost of stepping up to something a little more current than the Dallara so that he can regularly compete with the super & turbo-charged class opposition will be a factor restricting Darren’s hillclimb future.

Hopefully Darren will find a way of at least sticking with the Dallara and continuing to entertain the locals and scare the mainlanders in equal measure!



  1. Darren Warwick says:

    Not strictly true, I had a phone call on the evening before our Guernsey National with someone wishing to purchase the Dallara. No deal has been done and I’m more than happy to carry on competing in it. Although it would make my life a fair bit easier as the modern stuff certainly has moved on in recent years, I have never considered purchasing a super/turbo charged hillclimb specific single seater.

    Thanks, Darren.

    • James says:

      Thanks for the update Darren, hope we see you continuing on the hills for a while yet.
      Very well done on the National performances, and all your times this year, seriously impressive results!

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