Datsun Ace hits the Big League 2!

Hot on the heels of last weeks update from the Stapley family workshop, we bring you more news from the Somerset hillclimbers.

Gurston Down Treasurer Dee Stapley won’t be continuing¬†with the familiar Datsun 240Z when husband Ben moves upto the single-seater classes in 2012. Dee will be running her own car at Gurston for the first time.

The car is a humble A40, but this one will have a Rover V8 engine and will run in the Unlimited Sports Libre class!

Hope you have fun with your new toy Dee and thanks for your help at Gurston last weekend.


  1. [...] Although she was understandably cautious in the borrowed car, Dee absolutely loved the car and has now decided that maybe she would prefer an Exige to the 2012 challenger that is taking shape at chez Stapley (see earlier post). [...]

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