Dave’s Doune Diff Drama!

The familiar DTA Caterham of Allan & Dave Warburton has been getting faster and faster in recent weeks as the duo have got used to the new for 2013 Ford Duratec power.

Dave Warburton Caterham 7

Dave Warburton attacks East Brae at Doune (thanks to www.zipp.co.uk)


Despite currently running an intermediate-spec 2.3 litre Duratec powerplant in the car, rather than the full-house 2.5 litre lump which they had planned to be running this year, the car has demonstrated phenomenal grunt since it first appeared at Doune back in June.

Unfortunately this grunt was the teams undoing at their second visit of the year to the Scottish venue last weekend.

Whilst taking part in their usual uphill battle in Scotland against fellow Father & Son team Alan & Craig Nicol, Dave took the option of a fourth practice run on offer from the Lothian Car Club at Doune on Saturday afternoon.

Little Warby rolled the car into the tyre-warming area and let in the clutch. Instead of the usual blast of Ford power there was a loud bang, followed by a tell-tale trickle of oil and the strong smell of gear oil.

The Manchester-based team were out for the weekend with a blown diff.

The pairing weren’t too down-hearted though, Allan donned his best lycra and headed out on the roads for a long bike-ride , while Dave was just happy that he could have a few beers on Saturday night. Both had seen the weather forecast…

Having got the car home and stripped down on Monday morning they discovered that, not one to do half a job, Dave really did do this one properly, although as Allan pointed out this one had done 6 years hard graft in the well used car.

DTA Caterham 7

Dave did the job properly!


A replacement item has been sourced and should be in the car in time for Loton Park next weekend and for the duo’s usual end of season blast at Anglesey Sprint in October.

Good work Dave!


  1. That will fix ok it just needs some super glue :)

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