David Coulthard’s Shelsley Hillclimb Experience on BBC F1

You may have already heard the news, or David Coulthard mentioning Hillclimbing during the Monaco Grand Prix commentary, but just in case you haven’t we thought we should add a post about Coulthard’s visit to Shelsley Walsh.

On 18th May David Coulthard spent the afternoon at Shelsley Walsh learning all about hillclimbing, sporting trials and autotesting. He’d spent the morning at Brooklands, and the 2 parts are to be shown during the BBC’s coverage of Qualifying for the Valencia Grand Prix (on Saturday 25th June 2011).

You can see all the pictures of the day on Zipp’s David Coulthard at Shelsley Walsh page.

During the day he spoke with many involved in the sport, including:

  • Scott Moran – who’s currently leading the 2011 British Hillclimb Championship
  • Toby Moody – Eurosport presenter, and Shelsley stalwart
  • Alistair Moffat

He saw a range of cars go up the hill, and got to have a little go himself – but only in a road car.

So don’t forget to set the video for Qually at Valencia!


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