DJ Debut

The surprise of the weekend at Shelsley Walsh was undoubtedly the debut of Wallace Menzies new DJ Firestorm chassis.

Wallace Menzies DJ Firestorm

New monocoque for Wallace Menzies at Shelsley


Since its debut at Harewood in 2009, the Firestorm has proved to be a highly competitive proposition on the hills taking wins at Shelsley and at Prescott.

Del Quigley and his team up in Derbyshire have constantly developed the car over the past few years and felt that the next step would be a new tub.

DJ Firestorm DJ Racecars

Andy Smith, Del Quigley & team with the new Firestorm


The past couple of months have seen the DJ boys flat-out to get chassis complete and ready for Shelsley. Two days testing at the Kames Kart Circuit in Scotland confirmed that all was ok and the crew set off for the Teme Valley.

It will be fascinating to see if the newer, lighter, stiffer and now monoshock-sprung Firestorm can become even more competitive than the last.


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