Dodge’s Dellow

Some of you may know that our ‘Elder Statesman’ here at is veteran South West hillclimber and all-round automotive hooligan Roger Hodgson.

Roger Hodgson Dellow

Hodgson ready for a run at Wiscombe


Roger has shared his wife Jo’s highly developed King Mews Racing built Lotus Elan at South West and Midland hillclimbs for the past 10 years or so, but every now and again he fancies taking on a new automotive challenge.

Back in the 1950s, when Roger was starting out in motor racing, he ran a Dellow trials car and had always fancied getting his hands on another of the charasmatic little Ford-engined specials.

Last year a Dellow came up for sale locally to the Hodgson’s Devon home and Rog couldn’t resist!

Roger Hodgson Dellow

The pace of life in a Dellow is pretty slow, so relax with a brew!


An engine rebuild, a couple of trialsĀ and a run at the May 500OA Wiscombe later, and Rog decided that it was time to have another crack at hillclimbing in the car for the MG Car Club Wiscombe.

Despite a morning misfire, a couple of other little niggles, and even gear ratio changes during the day (larger diameter rear wheels!), Rog had a whale of a time in the car although he couldn’t quite match the times he set earlier in the year.


Great stuff Rog, glad you enjoyed the day, we can’t wait to see the car out again next year!


  1. Elder Statesman says:

    You can’t beat a cup of Yorkshire Gold tea just before the start, to set you up for your run!

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