Down on the Farm

Gurston Down’s 2nd local championship round of the year saw vastly improved weather, compared to Saturdays washout. Still, a small amount of drizzle fell EVERY time the single-seaters formed up at paddock exit, but the rain was never enough to really affect times.

Andrew Forsyth was back to winning ways to maintain his lead in the Top 10 Challenge. He lead comfortably from the outset, the power & traction of the DFZ/R engined Pilbeam was spectacular (as were the flames from the exhaust on the overrun into Hollow Bend).

Despite still getting used to traction control and a sequential shift, as well as generally learning how to drive the Gould, Tony Wilt claimed 2nd FTD on only his 2nd days competition with the ex. Tony Marsh Gould V6. Wilt hopes to fit in a sprint in order to learn the new car before the July event back at Gurston.

Terry Graves suffered a very ‘tyring’ day with the ex. Painter/Fraser GR37. His front slicks were unusable, possibly as a result of pulling 190mph at Pembrey sprint last weekend, and for morning practice he couldn’t remove the rear wets as he had broken a seriously hardcore torque wrench! Chris Cannel came to the rescue with a hefty piece of bar and Terry finished the day with wets on the front and slicks on the rear to claim 3rd overall ahead of John Forsyth.

Roger Cock had his 2nd different co-driver in a month. He offered Rodney Thorne a ride in his 2-ltre Pilbeam after Rod’s V8 version had to be withdrawn with suspected crank sensor problems. This at least gave Roger some competition in the 2-litre class, although he had to dig deep as his co-driver surprised him with a storming first run.

Elsewhere at the event, former Gurston Champion Steve Butts showed some of the potential of his turbo & supercharged Lotus Elise to get into the 34s and take a class win.

Although running on his own in the small mod-prod class, Anthony Orchard produced 2 storming times in his Westfield Megabusa to beat Andrew Griffiths National record by nearly a quarter of a second.

The 4×4, turbo monsters of Roy Barker and Geoff Twemlow (Evo & Scooby respectively) were on their own in class, but they had a ding-dong battle. Twemlow lead at the break, but Barker dug deep and claimed the win on the last run by 6/100ths.

Star of an upcoming episode of Blue Peter, it really was a case of ‘heres one I made earlier’ for Chris Cannell as the top three historic runners went slower on their 2nd runs. Cannell took the win ahead of Geoff Hunt’s lovely Lotus 22 and a strangely off-form Fyrth Cross.

Impressively Tom & Edward Marsh were seperated by 1/100th of a second for the Clubmans class win in their Father Simon’s Mallock MK18. What makes this result even more remarkable is that they were seperated by EXACTLY the same margin at the April Gurston event, however they reversed their positions this time, with Tom finishing ahead of Edward!

Adam Steel’s latest assault on the late Rob Barksfield’s 1100cc class record wasn’t as affected by the weather as it might of been, but he still couldn’t get within 3/4 of a second of the 7 year old record. I am sure that Adam will get down his target of 28.93s, but it will take perfect conditions for him to do it.

All in all it was a great weekends motorsport, organised (as always) brilliantly by BARC-SW. And this was despite (or maybe because of) their Competition Secretary going AWOL to Scotland!

Thanks to Han for doing the filming yesterday!

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