Driver Swaps at Gurston Down

Looking at the entry list for this weekends British Hillclimb Championship round at Gurston Down, Wiltshire has revealed the odd surprise.

A few local specialists are taking the opportunity of the national round (which isn’t a scoring round of the Gurston Championship) to have a ‘fun run’ in a different car.

Gurston class sponsor and local Wilton driver Chris Cannell has chosen not to use one of his fleet of Sports Libre cars (which includes Force SR8, SPA-Judd and St. Bruno Roughcutter) and will be having a go in Roger Cock’s 2-litre Pilbeam-BDG. The last time Chris was seen in a Pilbeam was nearly 10 years ago when he ran the ex. Priaulx MP58 with Cosworth DFL-power. Hopefully he won’t keep the finish-line marshals as busy with Roger’s car though !

Also swapping seats for the weekend is John Forsyth who will be driving Rodney Thorne’s newly acquired Judd-powered MP58 instead of his usual Cosworth version. This arrangement will be returning the favour of a few years ago when John gave Rodney his first taste of F1 power in the Cosworth car.


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