Dyrham Park Retro Run

Although unfortunately unable to run as a full event as intended due to the amount of work required to gain this venue a track license, Bristol Motor Club ran a demonstration event at Dyrham Park at the end of September.

Dyrham Park is a former British Championship hillclimb venue which hasn’t run for many years. The venue is owned by the National Trust who invited BMC to run an event this year.

The format of the ‘demo’ event saw a good gathering of pre-1970 cars taking in convoy runs behind a pace car.

Reports suggest that, despite limited publicity, this event was a MASSIVE hit with spectators (reports vary from 5,000-18,000) who caused chaos for miles around as they queued to get into the venue.

This has to be a positive thing for our sport, the National Trust are a huge UK land owner who own & run most of the stately homes in the country. Forging better relations with this organisation, and proving that we can draw the general public, may just be a starting point for access to a great variety of new venues.

Check out this link for some great images from the day.

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