Easter Hallucinations!

Whilst shooting the breeze in the paddock at lunchtime at Gurston Down on Sunday, a highly unusual sight came roaming across the farmyard.

As it was Easter Sunday, a slight worrying-looking ‘chick’ put in an appearance at the South West hillclimb in order to hand out Easter eggs to competitors, gophers and lurkers alike.

Doug Auld Gurston Down


Thanks for the Mini Eggs Doug!!


  1. Andy Barton says:

    Could this be the strangest sight to be seen at the Farm since Graeme Wight Snr. gave the awards dressed in a nurse’s uniform? But, yes Doug., the egg was lovely, Thanks!

    • Doug Auld says:

      Glad you enjoyed your egg, however I won’t be trying to beat Snr’s antics I don ‘t have the legs for it !

      • Andy Barton says:

        I have quite by chance found (In a backnumber of an esteemed specialist magazine) that Graeme Senior’s award giving occasion was on 25th August 2002. Scary how quickly ten years can pass! Thanks also to Jerry Sturman, of course.

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