Ed’s Extra Effort

Ed Hollier’s double FTD at Gurston Down over the weekend was the culmination of a serious amount of graft over the winter.

Ed Hollier Pilbeam MP62

New aero for the Pilbeam-Busa


Along with his ever supportive Father Bob, Ed has painstakingly developed the aluminium honeycombe chassised Pilbeam MP62 from the starting point that first hit the hills at the start of the 2012 season.

The car, which was previously run with a 2.8 litre Hart engine and Hewland FGC gearbox by several drivers including John Moulds, John Whyte and Andy Kittle, ran last year with quite a basic aero set-up and was a few horsepower shy of the class leaders.

For the new season Ed & Bob have fitted with car with some major upgrades, the most obvious of which are on the aero side. 2012′s aluminium wings have been replaced by some much more agressive Willem Toet designed Empire Racing Car, carbon fibre wings front and rear. To compliment these appendages, the Holliers have also extended and revised the heavily modified Pilbeam floor and aero tunnels.

Ed Hollier Pilbeam MP62

The finish on the car is absolutely stunning


More power and some serious electronics have been provided by some major upgrades to the Mistral developed 1585cc Hayabusa engine. The unit now features fuel injection, as well as launch and traction control.

In order to keep the aero and the power under control, and to help give the car a stable platform, a Bill Chaplin designed heave-spring which operates through belville washers has been linked up to the rear suspension.


Gurston was the first weekend out for the revised car, but Ed and Bob both seemed delighted with the progress and improvements.

The only minor hiccup was in setting up the launch control system, which will require a little effort yet.


Great job guys, the car looks brilliant!

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