Whilst wandering through the paddock at HSCC Silverstone last Saturday we spotted a very familiar looking Lotus Elan.

MSR Lotus Elan

The Martin Stretton Racing circuit Lotus Elan at Silverstone.


As many of you know Mr Editor is a bit of an Elanorak having been taken to events all over the Westcountry as a kid in the Elan of our Responsible Adult Jo Hodgson. As a result of this we always pay extra attention to any Elans competing, whatever the event may be.

We did have a bit of a double-take at the Martin Stretton Racing prepared Lotus Elan of Mark Martin which was out for a run in the Historic Road Sports category.

The cars colour-scheme looks to be based on the Responsible Adult’s current Kings Mews Racing built S4 Elan. With its blue bodywork and silver bumpers, and even the Martin Stretton Racing stickers in the same spot as Kings Mews Racing on the hillclimb version the similarity is uncanny.

Not too sure about the green wheels though, a nice set of Minilites would do the job nicely!

KMR Lotus Elan

The Kings Mews Racing hillclimb Lotus Elan at TWF Shelsley Walsh.


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