Electric Motorsport combines Traditional Craftsmanship with Future Technology

Jo White of Vulcan Dezign is well known on the hillclimb scene as a driver, designer & constructor of the lovely Nemesis motorcycle-engined single-seater chassis.

Whilst currently working on new hillclimb projects (more on that later in the year), Jo is also involved with a new electric motorsport project on two wheels. He has kindly sent us over the following press release on the new venture:

“Although we’re harnessing cutting-edge electronics” says Phil Edwards of Weald EVT, designer and creator of the Weald EV1000 electric motorcycle, “there are times where pure craftsmanship is hard to beat, certainly when it comes to an area the UK excels in – high-quality motorsport fabrication.” Phil continued, “…for that reason we are delighted to have Vulcan Dezign building the chassis and bodywork for our World Record electric drag-race motorcycle”

Vulcan Dezign is owned by Jo White, a hugely experienced race-car fabricator who operates from the UK’s motorsport heartland around Oxfordshire. Jo draws upon a lifetime’s experience in the motorsport industry, starting out with Reynard Racing Cars where he rapidly rose to the position of chief mechanic.

Jo is no stranger to modern technology though; he is currently designing a single-seater hillclimb car with electric power, so the chance to get involved in the Weald EV1000 project made this collaboration a natural fit. He said  “the challenge of being involved with the Weald  EVT1000 will be a beneficial learning curve that will obviously complement my ‘Avant Garde’ nature.”

He started Vulcan Dezign in 2008 after working on numerous projects with famous Formula 1 names including Williams, Benetton, March, Jordan, and TWR. One of his major achievements was the design, manufacture, and racing of his own successful marque of hillclimb and sprint single-seater race cars – the Nemesis.

The Weald EV1000 is not just about world class racing – it is also a showcase for UK design, engineering and science talent to challenge the cream of the American drag-race constructors with a UK-centric bike, with the new technology destined for future projects that Weald EVT are planning.

For more information on the Weald EV1000 please visit http://www.weald-evt.co.uk/ and for more information on Vulcan Dezign products please visit http://www.vulcandezign.co.uk/.

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