Empire Continues to Grow!

Today we have received yet another good news story from the Somerset-based hillclimb car manufacturer Empire Racing Cars.

Force SR8 Gurston Down

The Chaplin-built Force SR8 at Hollow Bend in 2003.


“Empire Racing Cars is to build a brand new Sports Car for Chris Cannell to attack the 2013 hill climb season. The car will be the first tie up between Empire and aerodynamics designer and writer Simon McBeath whose SM AeRoTechniques concern will fully exploit 3D CAD and CFD design to enable the car to have class leading aerodynamic efficiency with high downforce.

The car will be powered by an ultra-high spec supercharged Hayabusa engine to put it in the 2 litre class.

McBeath will continue to develop his own car, the Vortex (as documented in articles in Racecar Engineering magazine), and this project will undoubtedly benefit from hardware manufactured by and the extensive construction knowledge of Bill Chaplin, who has now constructed over forty class winning and record-breaking chassis from his Somerset facility.

“It’s going to be a mutually very beneficial arrangement that will see both of us gain important material for our respective projects and to ensure we are as competitive as we can be from the outset.” said McBeath.

“I think Chris’s car is going to hit the track long before mine does though, given that my project is a spare time hobby! Nevertheless, with Bill’s help I should achieve my goal sooner than I would otherwise.”

Chaplin said, “All the sports cars made here have won classes, events and championships as well as breaking records. Simon and I will maintain that success with this car through our skill here at Empire and the technology applied to the car from SM AeRoTechniques. It’s going to be a busy winter.”

It is 10 years since Chris Cannell took to the track in the first sports libre car constructed for him by Bill Chaplin, the twin Hayabusa-engined Force SR8, on which McBeath provided some aerodynamic guidance. The car provided Cannell and partner Sue Hayes with many class wins in the over 2000cc sports libre class at Gurston Down and also several BTDs at the Brighton Speed Trials.

Great stuff guys, we cannot wait to see the new beasty out on the hills in 2013!

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