Empire Extras!

Bill Chaplin and the guys at Empire Racing Cars, down in darkest Somerset, are still working absolutely flat-out to complete the new for 2013 (and as yet un-named) Empire, which will be the first carbon-chassis from the company.

Empire Racing Cars


Former OMS-driver Clive Austin will be one of the drivers of the first car to roll out of the Bridgewater workshop, sharing with Chris Aspinall, and has kindly sent us another progress report on this 1100cc Racing Car contender.

Clive says: “By way of update, car now wired and┬áplumbed. Carbon engine cover arrives tomorrow. Front wing now arrived – will send pic. Above has a mock front wing just to see what it looks like (and my middle nipper sitting in it). You can start to see the unique high nose and angled front suspension. Still hoping for mid July Loton but will be tight – drive shafts are on a 3 week lead time!”

Empire Racing Cars

“Glinting in the sun… Can’t wait to fit rear end.”


Empire Racing Cars

“Bespoke Toet designed front wing made by Panther. Art in Carbon…”


Thanks so much to both Clive and to Bill for allowing the details of the build to be in the public domain, it sure looks like it’s going to move the 1100cc ball-park a bit!


  1. Andy Barton says:

    It looks as if we should be on Tip-Toes for more Top Toet-Tips on the way hillclimb machinery will be in the future.

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