Empire Snapshots

Yesterday we revealed the news about another carbon fibre chassis Empire Racing Car being built down in deepest Somerset.

Empire Racing Car


Bill Chaplin has kindly sent us some renderings of what the new car will look like, and it is certainly different from anything else out there.

It will be fascinating to see how an 1100 with full bodywork will go, there just has to be an aero trick or two that the spindly, bodywork-less current class pacemakers are missing out on.

Empire Racing Car


The new cars for Phil Cooke, Clive Austin and Chris Aspinall will initially run with a fairly conventional aero package but will grow additional appendages for 2014.

Empire Racing Car


Thanks so much for sending over the images Bill, much appreciated!

Empire Racing Car



  1. Chris A says:

    at least it’s still got some “yellow” on it…….
    no pressure then !

    • Clive says:

      That’s your lot Chris! End plates only then a nice shade of metalic black for the rest? Nice to know we are focusing on the key design elements early on…!

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