Empire’s Ultimate Weapon

Empire Racing Cars boss Bill Chaplin was at Prescott over the weekend with his giant-killing Empire Force DS600.

Bill Chaplin Empire Racing Cars Force Racing Cars

The Force DS600 in the Prescott Paddock

Chaplin built himself the car when he was running Force Racing Cars back in the mid-noughties, and has progressively updated the aero package on the car over the years.

This years demon tweek is featured on both the DS600 and Simon Fidoe’s Empire 002.

The cars feature large sculptured endplates on the rear wing.

Chaplin reckons that the endplates (which were drawn by an F1 aerodynamisist) reduce the rear wake of the car and hence lower the drag level, a seriously useful mod for a lower powered car.


Empire Force Empire Racing Cars

Curvy endplate on the Empire Force



After getting the little 600cc car into 2nd place in the 1100cc class in Saturday practice, Bill decided that the weather was too bad to compete on Sunday so he headed off to watch the BTCC at Thruxton!

We also understand that there are two further Empire chassis rapidly taking shape at Bill’s Somerset workshops. One of these cars will feature a Suzuki Hayabusa engine for sprinting, while the other will be fitted with the usual Suzuki GSXR1000 powerplant.

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