End of the Sin Bin

As regular readers may have noticed, your humble scribe’s Finale on the Farm post featured news regarding a certain Mazda MX5. Ever since I verbally abused Paul Webster’s lovely Mazda (affectionately known as Stripey) after Gurston’s April meeting I have been barred from talking about the New Techniques developed car.


New logos on Stripey's stripes


A complaint was made to Miss Admin, allegedly by the car itself(!), and this resulted in a lengthy ban.

However Miss Admin is currently addicted to the Rugby World Cup (although it’s not a true World Cup as Roseland Rugby Club aren’t involved), and it has been decided that my ban should be reduced to a ‘sin-binning’ and my 10 minutes is up!

I grovellingly apologise to Stripey for any offense caused and will no longer describe the car as ‘trundling along’ as I did in the following youtube clip last year.

Great job on the championship Webbo, you’ve set some cracking times.


  1. Paul says:

    I think you will find that last year it did trundle along……….However this year its a different beast thanks to Tom! :-)

  2. Andy Barton says:

    Glad to hear that James has now been redeemed, and no longer needs to adhere to a Trappist vow concerning writing about Mr. Webster’s rapid machine. Is this the time for all the rest of us to enquire how much longer we must comply with the embargo on any kind of comment about the Ghost Racer 59?

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