Event Round-up…. Channel Islands

From Harewood the championship circus went on its holidays with the annual trip to Channel Islands, for Bouley Bay (Jersey) on Thursday and Le Val des Terres (Guernsey) on Saturday.

Jos Goodyear GWR Raptor

Jos Goodyear on the Bouley Bay startline in 2012.


These relatively low speed, public road events were expected to favour the diminutive little GWR Raptor of Jos Goodyear, but his success on the weekend didn’t come quite as quickly as expected.

Scott Moran proved why he is a four-time champion (so far!) as he out-hustled Goodyear through the twisting hairpins of the seaside course on Jersey to claim the opening shootout of the week, Will Hall continued his consistent approach to the first half of the year with third place behind Goodyear.

The second Run Off saw a huge surprise as a well-timed rain shower and a very brave local combined to devastating effect. Guernsey fire fighter Darren Warwick has dominated events on the Islands over past couple of years going ever faster with his ex. Paul Haimes Dallara F301. He produced a stunning time in very tricky conditions with the ‘older-generation’ 2-litre chassis to take his first ever Run Off victory! Moran Jnr and early runner John Bradburn completed the podium.

Guernsey saw another topsy-turvy, rain-affected day’s competition. But as in 2013, Jos Goodyear and the Raptor dominated the event claiming both Run Off wins, although due to some horrific weather during the event, the now 2-litre class car couldn’t get down to the hill record set when the car was 1600cc powered.

Scott Moran and Will Hall chased Goodyear home each time, but the most disappointed man on the island must’ve been local charger Darren Warwick. Having won on Jersey two days before expectations were high but Darren was caught out by a major downpour during first qualifying and failed to qualify, he recovered to claim a fourth place finish in the afternoon but he must’ve hoped for more…

With Goodyear’s double win moving him up to fifth in the title race we now had the very unusual situation of having five different chassis manufacturers in the top five places in the championship… Gould (Moran), OMS (Willis), Force (Hall), DJ (Summers) and GWR (Goodyear)!


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