Event Round-up…. Craigantlet

The second and final offshore event of the championship season, at Craigantlet Hill on the outskirts of Belfast, Northern Island saw a very small entry of National runners line-up for the public road course in what can only be described as Biblical conditions…

Craigantlet Hillclimb

Conditions were very tricky, but mostly consistent, at the once a year Ulster venue.



During the morning of the one-day event, it rained and rained and rained some more!

Despite regular Craigantlet winner Scott Moran returning to competition, along with Father Roger in the ultra-successful Gould-NME GR61X, OMS driver Trevor Willis used all of his talents in inclement conditions to dominate the event and take a well-deserved pair of Run Off victories.

He was chased home both times by Wiscombe winner Will Hall and Wallace Menzies. Menzies returning to the podium for the first time since his huge tumble at Shelsley in June. Alex Summers and Scott Moran claimed a fourth and a fifth place each on the day.

Sadly the ultra-spectacular GWR Raptor couldn’t challenge for the big points at this event as he doesn’t have any full wet tyres for the wee-beasty, preferring to use inters ordinarily. The conditions in Craigantlet were so bad during the morning that Jos and Father Barry cut their wets into rudimentary wets, which meant he had no inters when the hill dried slightly in the afternoon. Goodyear claimed just 3 points for his efforts on the day.

Seamus Morris was fastest local on the day, hustling his ex. Goodyear/Mason/Day Pilbeam-Millington MP62/82 to the top just a fraction quicker than multiple ANICC Hillclimb Champion Graham Thompson and his self-built GTR Turbo. This result took the title race to the final round at Garron Point, but an FTD for Thompson at Garron Point at the end of August saw the GTR driver claim another points win.


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    Another meeting when the copybook got thrown out, and not perhaps, simply because of the weather, this time.

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