Event Round-up…. Harewood Hill

We are back! Not quite full service just yet, but until that is possible we will do what we can to keep everyone in the loop Speed Hillclimb-wise…

Tom Ingram Toyota Avensis

Tom Ingram and the BTCC Toyota were a great, if brief, addition to the Harewood event.


There have been many events on the hills, and a lot of gossip as well, since we were last able to spend time typing and the Bank Holiday weekend has given us a small opportunity to play catch up. So, let’s start with a run through of what has been happening at National level over the past couple of months as well as some regional reports from correspondents…

Lets pick the story up at Harewood back in early July, with an event that was reduced to a single-day due to the Tour de France visiting Harewood House on the Saturday. The intense 6-runs-in-a-day event produced some very hot competition amongst the big-boys.

As well as the usual Championship runners and riders, spectators arriving at the BARC Yorkshire Centre’s hill also saw the sight of a fully branded 40ft Race Truck in the paddock as Speedworks Motorsport had brought along their 2014 BTCC Toyota Avensis and star driver Tom Ingram, not only to be on display but to actually compete in the event! Unfortunately, the demands of the hill proved a little much for the circuit car and a broken gearbox saw the end of the challenge in P2.

At the front of the BHC field, the two drivers who have dominated the sport for most of this decade, Scott Moran and Trevor Willis duked it out at the front of the field. Moran approached his own Outright Hill Record in both Run Offs, just missing out by one hundredth in the second shoot out. Willis was a huge eight tenths behind first time up, but produced his best form of the day right at the end to close to within three hundredths in the afternoon.

Alex Summers continued his very consistent season with the blown DJ Firehawk, claiming a pair of podium finishes to maintain his fourth place on the championship table. The years most improved driver, Midlander Will Hall hustled his unique Force-Nissan to a pair of fourth places which saw him still third in the points after the event.

The other big news at Harewood involved some unfortunate reliability issues… Jos Goodyear packed up during morning practice with a broken blower drive in the GWR Raptor. Also, double Leaders Champion Paul Haimes made his first Championship runs of the year with his Gould-Suzuki GR59 only for his luck to continue and suffer a dropped valve on the opening class runs.

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