Family Fortunes

After the meteorological challenges of the Saturday of Barbon Manor, it was a pleasure for all involved to roll into the level, partially tarmaced paddock of Harewood Hillclimb near Harrogate, for Rounds 5 and 6 of the 2013 British Hillclimb Championship.

Scott Moran Gould GR61X

Scott Moran took victory in the 2nd Run Off and now leads the title race


Harewood had already hosted a very busy club event on the Saturday, but there were significantly fewer entries for the National round on the Sunday. All of the big hitters were present though, with the exception of the still absent Jos Goodyear.

After a difficult Barbon where they had struggled for pace on the slippery track, the Moran family stepped up to the plate in impressive fashion at the Yorkshire venue, a Run Off win each for Roger & Scott in their Gould GR61X (the most succesful single chassis in the history of the BHC) established their place at the top of the championship points table.

A dry morning practice was exactly what everyone needed after Barbon, but as the first qualifying runs began the rain started to fall. This meant that qualifying took place in wet conditions, but the course was all but dry by the time the Run Off came along.

Double-driving Dave Uren, Richard Spedding and Roger Moran started things off, and Roger inĀ particular showed the remaining runners just how good conditions were with a smooth & committed 51.28s run. Roger then had the pleasure of standing and watching all of the remaining runners fail to match his time!


Trevor Willis came closest, but even he was three-quarters of a second behind the 1997 Champ with the OMS 28. Will Hall, Wallace Menzies, Richard Spedding and top-qualifier Eynon Price were in fourth to seventh places, all separated by just four tenths of a second.

Midlanders Deryk Young, John Bradburn and Dave Uren rounded out the scorers ahead of Mike Manning and Nicola Menzies.


Second qualifying took place in much more consistent and much drier conditions. Lee Griffiths (OMS 25) and Alex Summers (DJ Firehawk) qualified this time in place of Manning and Nicola Menzies and finished in 11th and 7th places respectively.

At the front, Roger Moran ran early and lead with justĀ four runners to go. Deryk Young produced his best form of the weekend when it mattered, but he couldn’t quite match Moran Snr. Willis ran next and, hustling the OMS hard, was up on the splits at the halfway point. Using all the road though, he just got two wheels onto the grass heading into Orchard, and the car rotated over the kerb and beached itself. There was a small amount of damage to the undertray, but the most damage was done to Trev’s points-tally.

After a short delay Wallace Menzies rolled forward and launched the mighty methanol-fuelled DJ Firestorm. The car, screaming when on throttle and popping & banging when not, stormed the hill and took the lead with just one runner left.

Wallace Menzies DJ Firestorm

Wallace Menzies set second FTD at Harewood in the ferocious Firestorm!


Triple champ Scott Moran produced his usual undramatic, but devastatingly effective performance and blasted to the win by over eight-tenths of a second.

It was mission accomplished for Team Moran, especially after their difficult Barbon the day before, and they left the North of England to return to Ludlow in first and second places in the title race.

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The Championship reconvenes in two weeks time at the high-speed farm track of Gurston Down in Wiltshire.

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