Family Fun

One of the aspects that British Hillclimbing is best known for is the family atmosphere and the inter-family competition which is encouraged by the ability to share cars.

David Warburton Caterham 7

Dave Warby at Doune in 2011


Gurston Down’s British Championship event last weekend saw a huge number for Father & Son, Father & Daughter, Mother & Son and Mother & Daughter combinations in various classes.

Nearly all of the offspring beat their parents with youthful exuberance overcoming age & treachery as so often proves to be the case on the hills…

One of the regular Father & Son battles, which is normally decided in the son’s favour, ended with the ‘old man’ taking the honours for the second week running.

The DTA Caterham of the Warburton family goes into battle most weekends and in recent season David Warburton has generally seen off his Father Allan.

At Shelsley last week though David made a small mistake at Bottom Ess on his only fully dry run of the day and Allan set a stonking PB to take the win. This weekend Dave was determined to get revenge, and also to attack Darren Luke’s very tough 2012 Gurston class record, with the ‘intermediate spec’ Duratec Caterham.

The duo’s opening runs were scuppered by a quick downpour, but the track was dry second time up. Allan ran first and set a mid-32 second run which Dave felt was entirely beatable. Unfortunately the car cut out on Little Warby on the run to the finish line and the time was gone.

Dave has uploaded the onboard from this final run, and just have a look at how much grunt this car has… 290bhp on road tyres, with no aero, this is hairy. What will the full-house version be like!?


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