Father Brown Time

The oldest motorsport venue in the World which still runs over its original course will be the star of the small screen yet again tomorrow.

Shelsley Walsh

The startline at The World Famous venue.


The World Famous Shelsley Walsh in Worcestershire has hosted many different film crews over the 107 years it has held motorsport events, but this week it will be appearing as a location in a fictional drama.

Father Brown is a BBC TV period drama set during the early 50s and starring Mark Williams (of The Fast Show fame) as a slightly shambolic Catholic Priest who is also a wanna-be detective.

The show will be screened on BBC 1 at 14.15-15.00 on Friday 17th January. Keep an eye out for a few TWF and MAC regulars acting as extras in the background!


  1. Andy Barton says:

    How refreshing to see the Union Flag being used as a signal for competitors to depart the line. Also there was interesting attention to detail in that methanol was mentioned in the dialogue, and this was corroborated by the red disc on the car itself. No doubt the production team sought the expert advice which would been readily available at the location, and many owners of distinctive machinery were persuaded to help give a convincing flavour of a “bygone” era that never was. I was hoping to see Raymond Mays, and Billy Cotton even, but the finished product stuck a balance between entertaining the uninitiated and amusing those familiar the venue. Thank you M.A.C.

  2. Andy Barton says:

    TWF? Television Without Frontiers?

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