FIA Hillclimb Masters

One of the most talked about events in the hillclimb paddock at the moment is the very exciting FIA European Hillclimb Masters event, which will take place in Luxembourg this coming weekend.

Keith Edwards Audi Quattro

Keith Edwards will be returning to Europe with his mighty Quattro (thanks to


The event has been created to bring together the very top runners from all of the national championships across Europe to a single venue on the same weekend to finally decide who is the fastest competitor in Europe.

One of the major difficulties with creating an event of this type has been accommodating all of the different regulations and cultures which exist amongst the various championships across the Continent. For example, the very short courses in the UK mean that British contenders have very small fuel tanks and limited cooling capabilities, most European events run to a strict weight limit which means cars will be heavier than in other areas, other championships have a 3-litre capacity limit for single-seaters, others run on dirt rather than tarmac. The differences just go on and on… So, in order to level the playing field somewhat, the decision was made to run all cars to their National regulations and chose a compromise course, which is one of the shorter courses used throughout mainland Europe.

The entry criteria for competitors is that ‘eligible drivers will be those classified in 2014 among the first twelve (per category) in the FIA European Hillclimb Championship nd FIA International Hillclimb Cup, the first three in the FIA zone championships, the best drivers in each national championship (Top 5 in each category, top 3 in each group), plus the best Female Driver and the best Junior (under 23 years) designated by each national federation’.

In addition to the individual crowning of a ‘Champion of Champions’, there is also a Nations Cup which will be based on an average of the best three drivers from each National team.

The category structure for the event will see classes for ‘Single-seaters, Prototypes & Silhouettes’, ‘Touring and Grand Touring’ and ‘Cars meeting their specific National Regulations’. It is this final category which the majority of the UK single-seater contingent will be running in. There will also be selected wildcard entries awarded.

So, who will be appearing for ‘Team GB’ at this prestigious new event? Well, there has been very strong interest from the stars of UK Hillclimbing and so far, confirmed entries have been taken by the following competitors:

- Scott Moran / Gould-NME GR61X
- Trevor Willis / OMS-RPE 28
- Will Hall / Force-XTec Nissan WH
- Tom New / Gould-Judd GR55
- Dave Warburton / Caterham-Duratec 7 (Junior)
- Tony Bunker / Nissan GTR R35
- Keith Edwards / Audi Quattro SWB (Wildcard)
- Darren Warwick / Dallara-Vauxhall F301 (Wildcard)
- Paul Buckingham / Dallara-Mercedes F307 (Wildcard)

Much of the talk in the UK paddocks has centred around the soft tyres, large engines and lightweight cars used in the British series and how they should have a pace advantage over the top European runners which are typically ex. circuit cars. We should take caution with this theory however. The European competitors take their sport very seriously, are very experienced at the high-speed nature of the continental hills and will undoubtedly be pushing very hard. Make no mistake, this is not a walk in the park for the UK guys.

One thing is for sure though, by the end of the second weekend in October we will know the answer to the question ‘who is the European Hillclimb Master?’.

This event will be a fantastic gathering of the cream of European Hillclimbing and will offer a great end of season blast for everyone attending whether competitor, gofor, scribe or spectator.

Mr Editor will be in attendance at the event and will bring you all of the goss and news possible.

Check out this link for a preview video of the event.


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