First GR59 Pics

A few days ago we were lucky enough to set eyes on the fabled Gould GR59.

It’s looking great, and we can’t wait to see it out on the hills. We couldn’t get you any shots of it in action, nor can we tell you any more than we could in December about the technology that’s on board, but we have managed to sneak a few pics out for you:

gould gr59 first pic

gould gr59 second pic

We know you (like us) wanted to see more of the GR59 than this, but unfortunately it’s still under an embargo. We promise we are begging and pleading to be able to bring you more news – and as soon as we get it we’ll put it on the site.

You can read previous news about the GR59 here. Including James’ December post which does contain some techy details.

And of course – if you have any news about your plans for 2012 that you’d like us to write about OR give us a heads up on so we can cover them during the season please contact us.


  1. Andy Barton says:

    Well done for getting the pix, But what is it that anyone else could possibly copy in time for the 2012 season? Or I am missing the point, and will the GR59[s] for all time be concealed within tents in all the paddocks, never to be examined, and will they make all their climbs similarly obscured in canvas on jockey wheels [or the modern equivalent], so that nothing can be revealed in the top paddocks either?
    At least it looks as if the front suspension spring travel is limited, assuming the first pic is of the front mono. Maybe this could indicate that there is something a little unconventional about the disposition of the susension arms, or the rocker and bellevilles?
    I am still struggling to come to a view about the second pic. Could it be a drive-shaft?
    Congratulations once again on your excellent site.

    Best Regards

    • Chloe says:

      Ah Andy, patience is a virtue!

      • Andy Barton says:

        Thanks Chloe, but I fear that patience, in this case, is a necessity rather than a virtue. I see, on closer examination, that there are two separate coils on what may be a mono coil/damper unit, but because of the different coil thicknesses, it seems that the smaller one would need to be almost up to the stop, before the heavier coil started to compress. If so, it would seem to give a rising wheel-rate. Can anyone cast any light on this? I have this theory that fevered speculation on the part of the uninformed, such as my guesswork here, will sometimes persuade those in the know to say something about it, if only to refute hair-brained ideas from bystanders.
        Best Regards to you, and to James
        I like the new style, but it will mean that more words per screen will be needed!

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