First Picture of Bike-Engined MP62

One of the most exciting and talented drivers in British Hillclimbing makes a welcome return to the hills this weekend, and he will be driving a car which is sure to attract just as much attention as the driver.

2007 British Leaders Hillclimb Champion Ed Hollier hasn’t been seen regularly on the hills since he took his title with an OMS-Suzuki sportscar. Ed, along with his Father Bob,¬†has spent the last couple of years converting an ex. John Whyte Pilbeam MP62 to accept the 1600cc¬†Hayabusa motorcycle engine from his championship winning sportscar.

Whilst not the only bike-engined MP62 in progress, it is (we believe) the first to hit the hills in the metal.

We have managed to grab a sneaky spy shot of Ed’s exciting (and beautifully prepared) new stead just before it was loaded onto the trailer for it’s debut event at the newly resurfaced Wiscombe Park, in Devon.

Ed Hollier Pilbeam MP62

Pilbeam MP62 with Suzuki Motorcycle power unit.


Well done to both Ed and Bob for all of their hard work, if it goes as well as it looks then it’ll fly!


  1. Looks good hope it goes well for you boys

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