For Sale… More Hillclimb History!

Here is another opportunity to acquire your own piece of British Hillclimb history, but this one is at the top end of the price range!

The March 2-4-0 6-wheeler was built for the Formula 1 World Championship in the mid-1970s but never used in anger on the circuits. Roy Lane acquired the rear end of the car, including the unique ‘twin drive’ Hewland transmission, over the winter of 78/79 and set about building a hillclimb contender around an ex. Jody Scheckter March 771 F1 tub.

Despite an early Run Off win at the April Wiscombe BHC round due to the immense traction from the 4 driven wheels, the concept was quickly abandoned by Roy due to it’s weight and the 771 was converted back to conventional 4-wheeled specification.


The ’Roy Lane’ transmission has reappeared in recent years, has been built into a March 761 chassis as it was intended for F1, been used in Historic F1 events by Jeremy Smith and now offered for sale.

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  1. Roger Warren says:

    When Roy brought it to Shelsley the rearmost wheels did not fit on the concrete start pad. Which was one of the reasons why ,when the hill was resurfaced, the concrete pad was replaced by tarmac


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