Force Floors

Behind fastest man Terry Graves in his Gould, the next quickest at the Gurston Test Day last weekend was the Force-Hayabusa duo Peter D. Smith and Richard Gaylard.

Peter D. Smith Gurston Down

Peter D. Smith attacks Karousel in his Westfield-Cosworth in 2000


The Gurston regulars, who ran very rapid Westfield Mod Sports cars prior to joining the single-seater ranks, initially with an OMS and now with their 1600cc spaceframe Force.

The Force, which the pair have run since 2007, has previously run ‘naked’ with very little bodywork, but following Peter’s huge spin at Hollow Bend at the end of 2013 some extra downforce has been added for 2013.

A new, full size undertray and floor has been added to the car and hopefully will make the slimline car a touch more planted an stable moving forward.


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