Force WH In Action!

Again Our Correspondent has excelled himself and has sent us an image of Will Hall’s new Force WH in action.

Having been runner-up to Alastair Crawford’s Gould GR55C on day 1, the second day of testing at Loton┬áPark saw Hall put in a stunning 46sec run to be the fastest on the day.

Will Hall Force WH

Will Hall in the Force WH V6 (thanks to Eddie Walder)


Many Thanks to Eddie Walder for keeping us in the loop this weekend.


  1. Andy Barton says:

    Thanks Eddie
    Well done Will
    James & Chloe
    Stirring stuff – yet again!

  2. Eddie Walder says:

    Just one small point Chloe and James, it’s correspondent… no letter a in it anywhere ;-)

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