Glorious Gloucestershire for Round 1 & 2 at Prescott

Day 2 at Prescott again saw great weather and a better track surface as the oil spilt on the lower reaches dicipated. Scott Moran won both of the British Championship Top 12 Run Offs but the star of the day, for the cars at least, was Scotsman Lee Adams. The 1600 runner demolished Eynon Price’s 2010 class record before finishing 2nd in both Run Offs !

Behind Moran in the unlimited class, Trevor Willis finished 3rd in both Run Offs, taking valuable early season points in a stunning performance on the debut of his OMS 25.

The pace of the 1600 bike-engined cars really was the talking point of the day with the top 5 in class all qualifying for Run Offs. The pace was so hot that former record holder Eynon Price could only manage 4th as Lee Adams, Will Hall & Richard Spedding charged to the front.

Tim Cross stormed through on the second runs to take the win in the 2000cc Specialist Road class ahead of DTA boss Allan Warburton. The battle at the front lost two drivers early on as Dave Wilson spun out and then co-driver Joy Hoyle had a moment in the esses which put the car out for the rest of the day.

Other notable performances were put in by Gould-HB driver John Bradburn with a cracking 37.92s for 4th in the second Run Off, 1100cc winner George Brown who survived a lurid spin second time up to win by over a second, Donald MacAskil’s mighty Evo who disposed of the Mod Saloon record and Rob Stevens who continued the devlopment of his Force sportscar with a sub-41s win in the 2-litre Sports Libre class.

The flow afternoon was broken by two unfortunate incidents. Wallace Menzies suffered an off after the finish line in his second string Westfield-Hayabusa and in a separate incident (not involving a car) a spectator was injured.

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