Goodyear Tries Raptor at Doune

As mentioned in our Doune Preview last week, Jos Goodyear had his first run in a GWR Raptor at Doune Hillclimb last weekend.

With his own car not quite ready as yet, Jos was having a run in Lee Adams’ chassis.


Doune is a daunting place at the best of times, and the April event often features some pretty inclemant weather, but Jos is never one to shy away from a challenge and the chance to get some runs under his belt was too good to miss.

Unfortunately it seems that things didn’t go according to plan on Sunday morning. We discovered the following video on youtube….


We are really sorry that the first weekend ended like this Jos. We hope that Jnr and the boys up at GWR Racing can get things square again before Prescott this weekend, if anyone can then they can.


  1. Yip that’s Motorsport. Alright

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