Goodyear’s Greatyear!

The 2012 season saw the complete domination of one class by a single car and it’s two highly competitive young drivers.

Jos Goodyear Lee Adams

Jos & Lee discuss conditions between class records at Shelsley Walsh in August!


Often in this sport you get a car which is such a step forward that it moves the class pace forward by half a second or so, the Force PC did it in the 1600cc class and the Gould GR55 did it in the Unlimited class. Last year however, the jewel-like GWR Raptor moved the 1600s forward by the best part of a second, and this year it has done it again.

The class-based Leaders Hillclimb Championship always separates the fast from the consistently fast and this season was no exception.

The nature of the points scoring for the Leaders means that a tough class battle can cause front-runners to take points off of each other to the detriment of both, and that was a concern for the GWR team pre-season, they would undoubtedly have the pace but would Lee Adams and Jos Goodyear cost each other the title.

Graeme Wight Jnr & the crew needn’t have worried, the car was so dominant that they achieved a very rare feat, the shared car finished both first and second in the title race!

Jos came through to claim the title on the first class run at Loton last weekend, and Lee followed him home to make it mission-accomplished for the team.


Great job guys, it’ll be a while before this happens again I reckon…

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