Gould GR59 – The First Video

Having popped down to Gurston Down’s annual Test Day this morning, we managed to capture some footage of the brand new Gould Gr59.


As at Loton Park last weekend, Simon Moyse went out to do an exploratory run early on. And also as at Loton, this brand new and highly innovative new hillclimb challenger suffered from a driveline failure. Designers & constructors David & Sean Gould were at Gurston and Sean set about sorting out the cars propshaft, whilst David headed back to Newbury for spare parts.

The car was back on the startline again before the end of the afternoon, but unfortunately the car suffered another failure.


  1. neil says:

    one of the two marshals was ME on hollow bend as you see on the left. I was doing the flag allday. well done guys for trying..

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