Great Gurston Grub!

Following a change over the winter, the new crew in charge of the grub in Gurston Down’s lovely trackside restaurant made their event debut at the test day on Sunday.

The facility is now run by TD Event Catering (the same team who keep us all nourished at Wiscombe Park), and anyone who knows the crew know just how hard they work to keep the food & drinks flowing.

As well as the restaurant, TD are planning to a mobile food unit at Ashes Bend, a coffee & donut stall near the paddock and maybe even a noodle bar.

In the interests of research, we sampled breakfast in the restaurant on Sunday and were very impressed with the quality, price and friendly service.

Most importantly, Our Correspondent will be very pleased to hear that toast is now available at Gurston Down… It always bugged him that fried bread was the only option with the previous regime!

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