Great Gurston

Good weather, great event organisation and some incredibly committed driving produced two highly entertaining Top 12 Run Offs at Gurston Down on Sunday.

Tom New Gould GR55

Tom New scored a podium finish first time up (thanks to Simon McBeath)


The British Championship title race is at a pivotal point at the moment as Scott Moran hunts down the current points leader Trevor Willis, and Wallace Menzies is using the new chassis & monoshock suspension of his DJ Firestorm to great effect and could well join the party as well.

A fairly thin entry of midfield contenders meant that some drivers who would normally struggle on this power hill managed to qualify for one or other of the points battles.

Force PC driver Richard Spedding qualified each time but couldn’t quite trouble the points scorers, whereas fellow 1600s Dave Uren & Steve Owen had one shot for points each and both missed out, although Uren qualified with a stunning 27s run.


The diminutive GWR Raptor was at its biggest disadvantage here, but the two drivers battled hard all day. Lee Adams appeared to have refound his mojo after beating Jos Goodyear in both first qualifying and the first Run Off, but Goodyear got it all hooked up for the second runs and finished ahead of Adams.

Although he is hardly a local, Tony Wiltshire loves Gurston and he is always at the sharp end there. He put his big practice crash there in July to the back of his mind and claimed eighth first time up. A massive missed gear (described as ‘rubbish’ by Mr Editor at the time) on the run down to Hollow in the second stanza sapped all of his momentum and he sank to tenth. These results did move Wilt ahead of Oliver Tomlin and into twelfth overall in the championship though, but there is a big gap to Alex Summers in eleventh. I know I am biased, but check out Wilt’s commitment into Hollow Bend on his second qualifier!


There is a ding-dong battle going on for seventh to ninth positions in the title race between Tom New, John Bradburn and Will Hall. New put in a great effort for third first time up, but he slumped to seventh later on as Hall & Bradburn raised their games and set PBs.

Scotsman Wallace Menzies is loving the handling of his Firestorm Mk2 at the moment, he was in the 26s all day and left Gurston with 15 points from a fifth and a second.


Roger Moran was as consistent as ever with fourth & fifth places, he holds on to third in the title race at the moment, but dropped scores could be his undoing and he is under threat from Menzies & Goodyear before the season is out.

Trevor Willis is really starting to pay for his consistency this year, as the dreaded ‘dropped scores’ take their toll. Trev already has 36points to drop and needs to finish in second place or above in order to score anything at all now. He scored 17 points at Gurston, but will only be able to count 1 of them.

There was never really much doubt that Scott Moran would win both of the Run Offs, although Menzies made him work really hard in the second Run Off. The grip & power of the NicMac engined Gould, combined with Scott’s smooth, committed style were just untouchable. Scott was so dominant at Gurston that the BARC marshalling team at Ashes Bend felt it appropriate to give the Gould driver a mass Usain Bolt ‘To Di World’ salute on his return run!


Bring on Prescott and the remainder of this fascinating championship battle!

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