Guernsey Finale

The Guernsey Kart & Motor Club held the Islands finale hillclimb of the 2013 season on Saturday at the short, but entertaining hill at Petit Bot.

John Dunne Mitsubishi Lancer Evo

Bunman’s Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 5


As always for events on Guernsey, our Channel Island correspondent ‘The Voice’ was there to see the action unfold. And as if that wasn’t enough ‘Our Correspondent’ was also a visiting dignitary for the weekend!

Guernsey today saw the climax of its hillclimb events with the annual pilgrimage to Petit Bot and everybody is talking about just one man, our tin top hero John “TheBunman”Dunne.

John threw his Comfy Mitsubishi Evo 5 GSR up the hill in a remarkable 30.34 seconds beating the record set by Dale “Doctor Love” Crowsley in a Lancia Delta Intergrale in 2009 by a massive 5.24 seconds. The Bunman as we all know is an absolute larger than life legend and I dare say will be chuffed to bits by his achievement today, especially considering the hill was mildly moist nearer the top section than would have been ideal. Well done mate.

John Dunne Petit Bot Hillclimb

The record-breaker himself…. John ‘Bunman’ Dunne.


In other news, BTD went to the main contender of the day Tim “Pikes Peak” Torode who set a mark of 25.90 in his multi-winged Mallock Mk18 narrowly missing out on taking the accolade owned by Paul “Dangerous Brother” Le Messurier since 2011.

Tim Le Pelley, in the Maguire Stiletto Imp dropped the record previously set by Ben Batiste in the Zcar Mini to 29.57 adding yet another record to his list of many and I would imagine he too will be fairly pleased with his season finale.

Marc Maubec managed to lower his own record set in 2010 in the Holeshot NMR Vortex to 29.00 taking 4 tenths off his previous best and Zef Eisenberg also broke the old Craig Wilson Quadbike record by a fair margin dropping it from 34.94 to 33.27 and that was despite putting into the bank on an earlier run and returning home to reset his airbag suit and straighten the bike up a bit. Talking of Marc Maubec, his 1996 Motorcycle record in the 501 to 600 category finally got beaten by jersey’s Oliver Holmes lowering the 29.02 down to 28.83secs.

Other record setters and breakers on the day include :- Jonathon Robilliard in the Sports Libre Rally Cars 1601 and over with 34.79, Cameron Robert in Junior Mini Max karts with 34.79, Jack Le Tissier in Senior Rotax Max karts with 28.07, Andy Digard on the Classic Motorcyles with 31.54, Craig Robert in the Road Going Series Production up to 1600 with a 33.82, Scott Rayson in the Non Transaxle class with a 26.88,Dave Bichard in the Modified Specialist Production 1401 to 1800 with a 30.18, Karl Marshall in the Modified Limited Production Cars 1401 to 1800 with a 30.78, Nigel Robert in the KF1 karts with a 29.34, Edward Fossey in the Junior Rotax Max with a 30.49, Angus Torode in the Junior Gearbox karts with a 32.57 and Paul “Sooty” Priaulx in the Sand Race Production saloons with a 34.76 beating his arch rival Ricky Le Cheminant with whom he shared the car by just under a second!

What these boys do in a day at the races in Guernsey is beyond normal and it is always sad for me to see the end of a season. There is such great friendship in the sport and we look forward now to what the 2014 season brings.

Great stuff, thanks so much for all of The Voice’s reports this year, they are greatly appreciated and allow those of us on the mainland to keep tabs on the cracking competition on the islands.

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