Gurston Championship Hotting Up

One of this year’s exciting championships is the Gurston Championship. Run over 4 events through the season, with each competitor able to drop their worst score – so kind of a best-3-of-4 championship. It also has an interesting scoring system that aims to put ALL competitors on a level playing field:

Points are awarded to registered contenders on the basis of how fast they go, relative to their class “bogey” time. The bogey time is calculated by adding eight seconds to each class record (as they stand at the beginning of each season), and the amount by which each competitor beats the bogey time determines the number of points he or she scores.

Last week was round 3, and it’s left a rather deceptive results table. One of the front runners remains Paul Webster in his Maxda MX5 (aka Stripey), who is currently showing at 15th because he missed the June event (round no. 2) to compete at Doune. So we can all assume Webbo is doing an anti-rain dance in the hope he can clinch the win in dry conditions in September.

Paul Webster and MX5 Gurston Hillclimb

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