Gurston Down – 2014 Events

Next up we look at one of the busiest hills in the country, as we move from Scotland down to the Westcountry.

Tim Barrington Vision V1H

Tim Barrington hustles the amazing little Vision-BDA through Karousel in 1992 (thanks to Steve Wilkinson).


The farmland venue at Gurston Down, near Salisbury hosts an event every month through the season, as well as the very popular midweek Gurston Down Hillclimb Drivers School events.

The following dates are the event weekends for Gurston during 2014:


SBD/HSA Speed Championship – Saturday 26th April

Gurston Hillclimb Championship – Sunday 27th April

British Hillclimb Championship – Saturday 24th May & Sunday 25th May

ASWMC & ACSMC Hillclmb Championships – Saturday 21st June

Gurston Hillclimb Championship – Sunday 22nd June

Midland & Gurston Hillclimb Championships – Saturday 19th July & Sunday 20th July

British Hillclimb Championship – Saturday 23rd August & Sunday 24th August

Gurston Hillclimb Championship – Sunday 7th September


More details of the events at Gurston Down Hillclimb can be found at!


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