Gurston Down – The Champions

The Gurston Down season finale on Sunday saw both the Gurston Down Hillclimb Championship and the Gurston Down Top 10 Challenge titles decided.


Despite a slow start to the year at the wet first round in April, Simon Thornley has been on stunning form ever since. He got close to a maximum at round 2 in June and has been at least three-quarters of a second under his target time at each event since. Perhaps the most impressive result for Simon this year has been that he approached Darren Luke’s very tough National Class record set with a Hayabusa-engined Caterham. Thornley’s Westfield still relies on an automotive engine, albeit a very well-developed Rover K Series.

Simon Thornley Gurston Down

Westfield-K was the tool for Gurston this season


Thornley took the title from Roy Barker (Mitsubishi Evo), Mike Rudge (Westfield) and Chris Cannnell (St. Bruno Roughcutter).


Tony Wiltshire really did make life difficult for himself in the Top 10 Challenge this year, although there was never really any doubt that he would get the job done. The 2007 winner with his self-built Ralt-Peugeot, had a massive practice shunt at the July event which really put the pressure on for the finale as Wilt had to win to be sure of the title. He did that in the best possible way with new 27.38s PB and FTD by nearly two seconds.

Tony Wiltshire Gurston Down

Wilt rolls out of the Gurston paddock for another run


Wilt took the title from Terry Graves (Gould GR37), James Backmore (OMS 25) and Peter D. Smith (Force).


The Gurston venue championships seem to go from strength to strength, well done to everyone involved.

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